Frequently asked questions


HOW DO I order a cake?

When it comes to cake orders, we recommend directly contacting us on our contact form or Facebook business page as our preferred method of communication. This helps us to keep all order-related information in a single, easily accessible thread, especially since each order is customized.

However, for any additional question or inquiries, you are always welcomed to reach out to our store during business hours at (832) 665-3622.


How far in advance should i place my order?

We try to accommodate all requests, but because a lot of care and attention goes into our custom cakes, we accept a limited number of cake orders per week. To assure your order can be fulfilled, please order 1-2 weeks in advance. Large batch, 3D designs, tiered cakes, and decorated sugar cookies, please order 4-6 weeks in advance. Order reservations can be made as early as 6 months. Rush orders can be done depending on availability with extra charge.


how much are your custom cakes?

There are many considerations we look at when we quote a price for your custom cake. In addition to the cake size, we look at the level of detail (labor) required to produce the end result in addition to the amount of time required to make your cake. If the cake is minimal in detail the price typically remains at the base price. However, if there are intricate details and numerous flowers or other custom details the price will more than likely be higher. For more details: Terms and conditions


Why do your cakes cost more than the local cake shop or bakery?

Our custom cakes are made from scratch using fresh ingredients just for you, from start to finish. We work with you to design your cake and make sure your style, theme, and favorite flavors are in each cake. It’s a very different process than purchasing a grocery store cake. Each cake at Simple Sweet Cakes is as unique as you are!


Are the cakes refundable or exchangeable?

All orders are final. We do not accept returns, exchanges or refunds on any of the cakes that are sold. Final approval for design will be made before payment.

For more details: Terms and conditions


What is your cancellation policy?

Sorry, as we take orders on a first come, first served basis, there are no refunds on cancellations.

For more details: Terms and conditions


Can i change my design/pickup date/time?

Unfortunately, we do not allow changes once order is confirmed. This is to avoid possible confusion, as we are small team managing the overall operation. Please double check all details carefully before ordering. We greatly appreciate your understanding.

For more details: Terms and conditions


Why can’t i get my retainer back?

We understand that occasionally unforeseen situations happen, however when you pay the retainer fee, not only does it secure your event date on our calendar because we work on a first come first serve basis. It ensures that all approved decorations have been ordered. This ensures you are locked into the date requested.

For more details: Terms and conditions


Are you able to recreate the exact design as referenced?

No, we are not able to replicate with 100% resemblance. As custom cakes are work of art made individually by hand. In addition, we respect the work of other bakers/artists and will not fully replicate their designs. With that, every cake is create specially for you.


Do you sell gluten-free/sugar-free/vegan cakes?

Unfortunately we do not. All of our cakes are produced in a kitchen that uses nuts, eggs, dairy and soy as well as flour.


How many guest can be served with a particular sized cake?

Our cakes can be served in generous or sensible portions.

For example: 6" cake can be served to 4 people generously and 8 people sensibly.

Our 7" cake can be served to 6 people generously and 10 people sensibly.

For more details: Size Guide


What flavors can i choose for my cake?

Please note all flavors are not available at all times. Also, flavors cannot be customized. Please check our current available flavors here: Flavors


Do you use fondant?

Yes. Most all of our cakes are covered in some variation of buttercream, meringue, ganache or 100% fresh milk cream. Fondant is used to achieve 2D decorations and 3D designs.


How do i care for my cake after pickup?

If you are providing your own transportation, please make sure you can transport your cake safely. Your cake should be placed on a flat surface, in the boot or footwell. DO NOT place your cake on the seat in a car, as these are sloped and your cake may slide off or decorations may slip. Extra care must be taken when driving as elements of your cake will be delicate. Try to keep your driving as steady as possible to avoid sudden changes in speed or direction. Keep your cake out of direct sunlight and keep the car as cool as possible. We do not take responsible for any damage to cakes being collected and transported by the customer once they have left the care of either our shop/staff or delivery driver.


How long can a cake stay out unrefrigerated?

Uncut cake, we recommend no longer than 3 days to preserve freshness. Cut cake, we recommend no longer than 2 days to preserve freshness.

In the summer months (May-August), the cakes can melt faster than usual, we recommend that you return it to the refrigerator to preserve freshness until cutting and serving.


How do i store the cake after pickup?

Once your cake has been picked up, please store it in a refrigerator till just before serving. Our cakes are best consumed on the day of collection as we use all-natural ingredients with no preservatives. Colors, taste, quality of cakes can be changed if consumed after 24 hrs of pick up. To ensure freshness, we recommend you store the cake slices in air tight containers for at most 2 days. If you plan on freezing the slices for later (fresh up to 1 year), we recommend you wrapping in plastic wrap, placing inside a freezer bag, and for added freshness, placing them in an airtight container after cake collection.


Can you deliver or ship the cakes to other states or nationwide?

Unfortunately, we do not deliver or ship our cakes to other states.

We are based in Texas and currently only serve Southern and Central Texas.


Do you have any ready made cakes?

No we currently do not offer ready made cakes.

We do have frequent flash sales that offer cake slices on various flavors. We have a limited supply, so we recommend coming early, as we follow a first-come, first-serve policy. Sign up for email alerts to be notified first of upcoming sales and promotions.

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