My passion has always been in baking and cooking. Growing up in a small, rural town in Texas (Wallis), it was instilled in me that a good homemade meal or baked good was ideal for the soul. Inspired by my mother and grandmother, I have been in the kitchen since the age of six. In 1996, my baking career began, when asked by a co-worker, if I would bake and decorate her wedding and groom's cake. The cakes were such a success that my mother and I founded Cakes-N-More by Megan. After five years of success, I retired from the business after losing my best friend & business partner to a battle with breast cancer.


In 2002, I was blessed with an apprenticeship in one of Houston's finest French bakeries, More Than Cakes (currently Edible Designs by Jessie). I soon found myself back in the kitchen again, baking my homemade confections for family, friends and colleagues, in kind. By 2004, I traded in my piping bags and tips for marriage and motherhood. After experiencing a few life changes, Simple Sweet Cakes was founded in 2011 as a hobby that has grown into a home-based online baking company. I have had the opportunity to work among and be mentored by talented individuals in the hospitality industry and baking enthusiasts in the state! The most rewarding feeling that comes from my baking - creating beautiful cakes and pastries and seeing the smile it brings to my customers' faces.


I am a graduate of the Houston Community College System as a certified Culinary Chef. I am also a certified Sanitation and Safety - Food Handler in the State of Texas. Simple Sweet Cakes is operated under the regulations set forth by the Texas Cottage Foods Law (HB 970 effective September 1, 2013).



Chef Megan